Stop 3 – Church Street


 Church House

You are standing outside the churchyard, next to the old Church House, now a private residence.  This building was for many years a centre of village life.  Built in the 15th century, it has been an alms house, police station, school and post office.

Church house small

Note the fire hook mounted on the side of the building.  It was used to remove burning thatch from roofs.


Wellingham’s Grocery

Wellingham's today. Photo by Gil Osler

Wellingham’s today.
Photo by Gil Osler

This building on Church Street once housed Wellingham’s grocery and ironmongers.  From 1840 through 1969, the shop sold a wide range of items.

Staff members outside Wellingham's Ironmongers. Collection of Paul Jiggens

Staff members outside Wellingham’s Ironmongers.
Collection of Paul Jiggens

You can recognize the unusual windows upstairs.  This room must have originally housed some sort of workspace.

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